Special Offer for Cosplayers


Are you a Cosplayer?  Into LARP? SCA? Renn Faires?

If you already have your own Heroic persona, complete with costume, and would like to have a custom portrait of yourself as your other self, you can take advantage of the

Heroic Portraits Cosplay Special.

What's the offer?

Provide a picture of yourself in costume - along with any special requests in terms of style - with your order, and you can get a poster print for the price of a digital copy. 

That's a savings of $50!

Check out the Price List for more information.


"Jon Maki's artwork has truly inspired and brought to life the inner Street Fighter in me!

His work captures the essense of my inner super hero and unforgettable memories as a cosplayer.

I highly recommend and guarantee Jon Maki's Heroic Portraits to those who want some super hero street cred!! ;)"

- Cammy, a.k.a Allison Davis

Power Girl Cosplayer

Ami-Comi Wonder Girl Cosplayer



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