I was born in an extremely small town in Northern Michigan, and for the better part of three decades I've been drawing and painting, and for over a decade of that time I've been doing so on a computer.

Throughout my life if I had occasion to have a pen or pencil in my hand I was sketching and doodling (even when I was supposed to be taking notes).

I don't have any formal training in art, but I'm always trying new techniques and trying to expand my skills.

A big part of what inspired my love for art was my love of comic books, science fiction, and fantasy, and ultimately I suppose that's what led me to try this, which marks my first attempt at making money from what has been my constant hobby.

My biggest influences are comic book artists like George Perez, Alex Ross, and John Byrne, fantasy artists like Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, and Julie Bell, and pin-up artists like Vargas, Olivia, and Janesko.

In recent years I've begun working in celebrity portraiture, often adding elements of the fantastic to the final product, and have been approached to provide custom, fantasy-related artwork for friends, and so the germ of the idea that eventually became Heroic Portraits was born.

To learn more about me than you could ever possibly have a reason to want to, and to see some of my non-Heroic artwork, check out my blog, Threshold .

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