There are several Heroic Portrait types and prices to choose from:

Low-Res Digital Free!

This consists of a 72 DPI digital image suitable for use in your Facebook or blog profile, or as an avatar in a Web forum or message board. Size will vary, but will generally be lower than VGA.

Custom Desktop Wallpaper $75

This is a higher resolution image suitable for use and formatted upon request as desktop wallpaper on your computer, but which will not scale well for printing.

Poster Prints $150-300

These are high resolution images suitable for printing and include a poster print shipped to you (custom framing provided at an additional cost).

Poster prints of standard or custom sizes up to 18 x 24 are$150 for a digital copy, which you can print yourself, or $200 for a poster print (plus free digital copy), with additional charges for any special printing requirements (negotiated prior to printing).

Poster prints of custom or standard sizes above 18 x 24 up to 24 x 36 $300, with additional charges for any special printing requirements (negotiated prior to printing). For a digital copy only, the price is $250.

Pricing for any images in a larger format will be negotiated on an individual basis.


Ordering Heroic Portraits:

Provide the following information:

Age (Must be over 18 to order, but anyone can get a Portrait done)

Genre (Comic Books, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Video Game, etc.)

Style (Cartoony, Photorealistic, etc.)

Potrait Type (Low-Res, Wallpaper, Poster Print)

A brief but descriptive explanation of what you are looking for, along with any text you want included on the image.

Try to ensure that your photo is of a decent quality (3 Megapixels or higher) and that you (or whoever the subject is) can be clearly seen without any sort of obstructions. Keep in mind that whatever pose or expression is in the reference photo is going to be the pose or expression in the finished portrait. If you are only sending a headshot, provide a description of how you would like to be posed in the portrait (if applicable).

Once you've written up a description of what you're looking for and have found the photo you want me to work from, send it all to




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