What are Heroic Portraits?

Heroic Portraits are custom-made portraits of people presented as they see themselves or would like to see themselves. They give people the opportunity to cast themselves in fantastic roles as heroes, villains, wizards, and warriors.

The word “Heroic” doesn't restrict people to a particular role, but rather implies the fantastic, the magical, the imaginative.


Why not call them “Fantasy Portraits” instead?

That's really what they are, but the word “fantasy” can connote something else entirely, and honestly, I thought “Heroic” had a better ring to it.


Who are Heroic Portraits for?

Anyone who has ever wanted to see him or herself presented as a creature of myth, or a super-hero, or a cartoon character, or anything outside of the restrictions of reality.

Want to see yourself as your character from a role-playing game or MMORPG? Then Heroic Portraits is for you. Want to see your girlfriend as a mermaid, or your boyfriend as a conquering warlord? Give Heroic Portraits a try!


What do I need in order to get a Heroic Portrait?

Just a dream and a digital picture of yourself. Provide the picture (the higher quality the better) and a description of what you want and you're well on your way to being immortalized as the hero (or villain) you always knew you were meant to be.


What will I get for my money?

There are different products and price plans available. At the bottom rung are low-res, digital only portraits suitable for use on your MySpace or other social networking page or as an avatar on a message board. Next up are custom wallpapers for your computer. After that are the poster prints. Prices will vary depending on size and the complexity of the request. Custom framing is available at an additional cost.


How does the process work?

You send me your picture and description of what you want, we'll work out any special additional terms that may arise, and once I accept the assignment – I reserve the right to turn down any request – I'll get to work on it. This isn't my day job, so I can't always guarantee a rapid turnaround, but I tend to work pretty quickly. Once a portrait is ready, I'll send you a low-res, watermarked proof copy for your approval (I will make changes upon request, but there are a limited number of times that I'll go “back to the drawing board”), and once you're satisfied, you pay me and you get what you paid for. If you order a print, you will also receive a high-res digital copy of the portrait.

The digital copy is yours to do with as you please – to an extent. Put it on a T-shirt. Have additional prints made, etc.

However, I ask that you not attempt to resell it or use it for any commercial purposes.


How long will all of this take?

It really depends on the complexity of the image requested, my workload, and my schedule. My “day job” allows me a lot of free time, and I don't have much of a life, but occasionally things do come up.


Can I choose my own printing company?

I work through Zazzle.com because I've used them in the past and have been pleased with the quality of their prints. However, you are free to choose to have your Portrait printed by another company at your own expense.

If you choose this option I will need to know the printing requirements for the company you are working with. I will then provide you with a digital copy of the Portrait in the correct format/resolution.


What kind of requests will you refuse?

Anything that violates copyright laws, anything that violates obscenity laws, anything that promotes hatred and intolerance of other races, cultures, or religions (sorry, no “Nazi Supermen” pictures) – let's try to keep it lighthearted and fun, people – and anything that just seems hopelessly complex.


Anything that violates copyright laws…so no pictures of me as Batman?

Nope, sorry. However, I can do something Batman-like, just nothing that uses any copyrighted material. Unless, of course, you happen to be the legal copyright holder.


What about nudity?

Never while cooking bacon. Oh, you mean in the portraits? Well, it's an ambiguous answer at best, but I will cautiously say that tasteful nudity is okay. If you really feel the need to drop trou in your portrait, we can probably work something out. Bear in mind that I'm going through another company entirely for printing, so I'm largely bound by their terms. The answer is less ambiguous if you only want a digital copy and will take care of the printing yourself. In that case, yes, nudity is fine, though, again, while you can be as unclad as you'd like, I'd rather avoid anything pornographic.


How do you create your Heroic Portraits?

I use illustration and image-editing software..


So these are just photo-manipulations? Are these like those "cartoon you" things?

Nope, they are entirely new images created using the photographs provided as reference materials. While they are created on a computer, they're done by hand, with different filters and effects used to enhance the final image.

I'm not just pasting your face onto a different body and running a filter; I'm drawing your face on a different body, or a modified version of your own body, which I've also drawn. I don't have a “Heroic” plug-in that does all of the work for me.


Am I restricted to choosing a specific style for my Heroic Portrait?

Not at all. While I'm most comfortable working in my own, rather detailed style, I frequently work in other styles, and I'm always looking to expand my artistic horizons. If you have a special request, I'll do my best to work in that particular style.


Okay, I'm convinced. Now how do I get my own Heroic Portrait?

Go to thePrice List page. After I've looked over your submission, I'll contact you and we'll go from there.


How do I pay for my Heroic Portrait?

The preferred method is through PayPal. However, I will accept personal checks, but I will not order your print or send you the high-resolution copy until the check clears.


What happens after that?

You get your Portrait, are happy with it, and you tell your family and friends all about it! If you like the results, spread the word, and also let me know.


Will my Portrait show up in the Gallery?

Unless you specifically request otherwise, yes. Ideally with a testimonial from you telling the world how much you love your Portrait.






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